About Advantage Healthcare Systems

Who We Are

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Advantage Healthcare Systems was established in November of 1999 as a response to an ongoing need for a multidisciplinary program for the injured. Our 6 facilities are located in key areas around North, Central and East Texas. Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio locations have recently undergone extensive remodeling and makeovers to be able to facilitate and treat patients at the highest level. We are now treating people from across the United States and individuals that have been hurt around the world.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Advantage Healthcare Systems to assist and guide individuals & injured workers by improving their level of function using holistic, traditional, and advanced methods of treatment and care.

Our Vision

We will be recognized within the healthcare community as a leader in physical rehabilitation and pain management; employ a staff of exceptional people who choose dedication and willingness to learn; develop refined internal administrative expertise and infrastructure to support efficiency; provide the highest possible quality of care, while achieving financial success.

Our Credentials

Advantage Healthcare Systems directors have been serving injured workers since 1983 and have been located in the DFW community since 1989. We are accredited by CARF in Medical rehabilitation for Chronic Pain Management (out-patient), Work Hardening and Work Conditioning. You can expect caring, courteous professionals, quality treatment, and convenient, friendly service.

Reasonable Fees, Convenient Payment

Advantage Healthcare Systems’ services are priced competitively compared to physicians’ offices and are less expensive than hospital emergency room charges. We accept state Workers' Compensation, Federal Workers' Compensation, most health plans, Letters of Protection (Attorney), VISA, MasterCard, cash or check. It would be a great pleasure to serve you and your patients.

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